Born and raised on a farm, in a small Michigan town, my love for learning and education was ignited from a young age. Initially drawn to a career in teaching, my path took a turn when I developed a fascination with healthcare, inspired by both scientific knowledge and the impact of medical shows.


As fate would have it, I had the opportunity to work at a dental clinic during my high school summers, guided by the wisdom and encouragement of a dentist who saw my potential. It was during this time that I realized dentistry held great promise for me. While pursuing my education in dentistry, I also confronted my own struggles with overwhelming anxiety, which often manifested in unpredictable panic attacks and intense social discomfort.

Seeking support, I embarked on a journey of self-exploration, love, and healing, working closely with a psychologist who helped me unravel the layers of my childhood experiences. Through this process, I uncovered profound insights that resonated with the experiences of many women. With newfound clarity and a burning desire to make a difference, I graduated and embraced my career in dentistry.

Engaging in conversations beyond dental care, I discovered my passion for helping individuals discover their authentic selves, free from fear and anxiety. Drawing from my own transformative journey, I realized that a life filled with love, authenticity, and freedom is within reach for everyone.


Yet, it was the connections I formed with my patients that truly ignited my soul. 

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My purpose now is to guide and support others in their quest for personal liberation. I understand intimately what it feels like to live with constant fear and anxiety, and I am living proof that moving beyond those constraints is possible. Together, we will embark on a transformative path, unlocking your true potential, and embracing a life that radiates joy, authenticity, and love.

As a Christian Life Coach, I believe in the power of deep connection and self discovery rooted in faith. Before embarking on this transformative journey together, it is important for me to understand the depths of who you are as a beloved child of God. I take the time to explore your life, personality, background, and aspirations, all while seeking to align our path with God's divine plan for your life.

Together, we break free from self-imposed limitations and negative patterns, surrendering them to God's loving grace.On this profound journey of self-discovery, where fear gives way to freedom, anxiety surrenders to peace, and your true self emerges unencumbered. By aligning our thoughts, emotions, and actions with God's truth, we open ourselves to experience His abundant blessings and walk in the freedom and purpose He has designed for us.

Together, we embark on a transformative journey through love, joy, and faith, where you will not only experience personal growth but also leave our coaching sessions feeling refreshed, motivated, and walking in the fullness of who you are created to be! 

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